Gafner Hospitality Group Memo

As of April 1 (no, this isn’t an April fool’s joke) we are closing Smokin Bowls Restaurant and will be transforming this space into a wholesale bakery.

Smokin Bowls Restaurant is a concept that we love and will certainly miss for the time being, but we hope to find a location with more parking and possibly even a drive-through for this concept in the future.

For now, we have an amazing Pastry Chef, Shelley Katz who, along with her assistant Cinnamon (yep), make incredible desserts, ice creams and bread for all three of our full-service restaurants. We need to expand her space to meet the growing demand of our restaurants and so this will allow us to do so. We are also redesigning the front of this space to be a customer facing bakery that will be called Chef Shelley’s Wholesale Bakery.

Thank you for the love you’ve shown our Smokin Bowls Team the last few years and we hope you come check out our delicious wholesale bakery when it opens!

Sean & Rebecca Gafner