Bowls Is Closed?

As much as we ❤️ seeing our regulars that have been so faithful to us this year, and as much as we ❤️ cooking this food that we’re so proud of, Saturday, November 14th, will be our last day of service until we get to the other side of this pandemic, whatever that even means 🤷🏽‍♂️💔
As hard as we’ve tried to make it work through all this, we simply can’t stay open at 25% capacity and virtually no #downtown foot traffic. 
Don’t forget to pray/hope/dance/send positivity to the Universe for our world to not only grow past this quickly, but more importantly grow past this BETTER! 
We [Bowls’ Staff] have so much to be grateful for: we’re healthy, we’re provided for, we have each other, and we now have so many more of you in our lives 🙏🏼
Until -?- we’ll be sheltering at home and dreaming of RAMEN 🍜